Though you can depend on newtoll for trustworthy information most of the time, we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy on all the information newtoll contains. Usually, newtoll publishes information on hot issues. While writing any post, different resources (including press and websites) are used. Some resources which are used may be giving wrong information. When posts are written depending on such resources, they may not contain correct information on issues they cover.

Therefore, newtoll is not responsible for any loss caused by the information contained on this blog. If you intend to use any of the information mentioned on this blog, do that on your own risk. Make sure to review information on your own before taking any vital decision related to the posts on newtoll. Please don’t make any decision depending on any of newtoll posts only.

In addition, newtoll doesn’t claim that all the posts on this blog are suitable for audience of all age groups. In most of the cases, the posts are suitable for all the readers but sometimes, even though we try to make it suitable for all, some posts may be suitable for only 13+ year old readers.


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